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Data visualization.

A multidisciplinary team

Building tailor-made data visualizations need specific skills.

The analyst has double expertise, technical and business. His role is to understand and describe user needs. He links the different parts of the project to ease the design of the solution.

The technical consultant, or software architect, is an expert that chooses the tools, the pattern of code and the open-source components. He realizes the prototype of code both for the server-side and client-side.

The UX/UI consultant ensures the respect of usability rules. He proposes his recommendations to reach business goals with a highly efficient interface.

Prototyping and/or full realization

Depending on your internal skills, we work on fixed-price projects or in a more agile way to carry out prototypes or complete development.

Our level of expertise and our knowledge allow us to support you on any tailor-made data-visualization project whatever your environment or your tool (D3js ...).


We are also able, according to our project schedules, to support you in consulting mode. In addition to our data visualization skills, we can provide consultancy on Kotlin projects:

  • prototyping,
  • analysis and advice on existing code,
  • team skill improvement.

Our areas of intervention cover the server (spring, or other) and client (Kotlin / JS, Android) part.



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