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build better data visualisations


Build the best open‑source library for data visualization

Data2Viz aims to provide the best open-source multi‑platform data visualization library.

The initial technical choices allows us to use JVM, Android, browser and in the future IOS as deployment targets.

Inspired by the widely recognized D3.js, our library will allow developers to create powerful data‑visualization specifics for their needs. D3.js is an amazing tool, but still quite difficult to use. Providing internal DSL will facilitate a lot the creation of data visualizations.

Above low level DSLs for creative data visualizations, we’ll provide a higher DSL to use data2viz as a charting library.

Provide an online platform for building and sharing visualization

An online editor will allow data visualization enthusiasts to try samples and produce their own charts in a few minutes.

Load your data, the editor will analyze it so you can bind it in your code. Any error will be automatically spotted.

Open data sources and public stream APIs will be available so that everybody could start very quickly a new visualization.

Visualize the world

The platform will allow people to build all the data visualizations we need to understand the world.

We strongly believe that in a complex world like today it could ease to see it throught visualizations. The platform will be designed so that everybody could share, fork, link, find all needed visualizations.

The team.

Gaëtan Zoritchak

Gaetan is an enthusiastic father, developer, entrepreneur, paraglider pilot… Having used lots of languages during its 20 years of IT experience, he believed very early in the promises of kotlin. He started in 2012 to code with it and in 2013 to promote it as a speaker.

Pierre Mariac

Pierre has worked for many companies as a data‑visualization specialist, able to understand the concerns from the business to the managers to provide the best tools for data analysis.

Nicolas Baldran

Nicolas recently graduated from the Geneva school of design. He is our reference for producing top notch charts and visuals.